Restless nights withered away in agony
While I chased meaning in every breath.
Reckless sighs possessed my symphony
A broken verse once dreamt by the death.
Are we  closer
Or drifting away in the endless space of fate.
Are we dreaming of life
Or chasing death under skies that weeps instrumental rain.
My hopeless mind
read endless lines
Wasted away hundreds of days and
What is a space without time
And a song without resonances of rhyme.
Are we illusionary fragments of memories
poured into God’s jar of wine.




An illusion
I was in love with a reflection
A stranger
Poured devotion
In every vein of my fraction
Drowned me in the flood of obsession
An infatuation?
Senseless sensations
An attraction?
Painted in the blood of madness
Unfathomable obsession
A stranger unfortunate to experience my imagination
Drenched me in the rain of affection
Simulated perception
Beseeching for distraction
A stranger unaware of my undying passion.
Unconditional love?
Is it love for the
Stranger or his illusionary reflection?
Mirage of envisions
Delusional season
Eclipses the flaws
Bewitching reflection
Stupid cupid
Enough with the hallucination
Hollow Madness
Im not in love with the stranger
But his reflection.
Mirror of my fancy
Demons of my mansion
Shadow of my desires
Dreams of my connection
You call it obsession
I call it addiction
Addicted to the idea of love
An illusion

Sublime Dreams


In the graveyard of my heart
You’re buried deep.
In the barren land of my wandering thoughts you lay asleep.
You’re the tranquil breeze wrapped up around my trembling soul.
In this sobbing rain you are my only home.
A beautiful life
to my dying hope.
In the words of my arid ballad you sow your peace,
Anesthesia to my
haunting past,
Numbed by your sublime dreams.
Warm sunset to
My frozen sea,
Stars won’t die tonight
Let’s not sleep.

I’ve Found Thee

Undying inertia

An unknown dream

Perpetual delusion

Never-ending stream

With no destination

With no deem

I’ve found thee

I’ve found thee

Found my destination

Discovered my dream

Gleam in the darkness

Beam in the bleak

This is my destination

Conclusion of the deep

The supreme

I’ve found thee

I’ve found thee


At the edge of the desert drinking sea,

Waiting for love

A reason to breathe,

Gazing at the sand

slipping underneath,

Covered with wounds

My soul screams

Take me there

Oh i plead

Where the dead sleeps

A place so far

Where we know no greed

Where nobody cheats

Where there is peace

Where we are free

Where instead of i

There is we!